The station that connects with you.

To connect all the means of transport in Bilbao, and to connect Bilbao with the entire world. The Bilbao Intermodal Station is now up and running for you and for the more than 7 million passengers that will soon be coming through it.


New underground station with different services, including bus, metro, train, taxi, luggage storage, vehicle rentals, café, shops, etc.

Car park with 526 spaces and cutting-edge technology.

Central square with a surface area of 7500 m2, with a meeting point and a leisure area.


Connected with all the means of transport in the city, from within the station :






The station

The station you were waiting for. Bilbao finally has the bus station it deserves: convenient, safe and innovative.



SPACIOUS WAITING AREA with visibility of the arrivals and departures area.


PASSENGER ACCESS ONLY to the platforms, for greater security..


SMART SYSTEM for access to the platforms, using your mobile device, meaning there's no need to print out tickets.